July 2021 New Features Reviewed

Robin and Mairéad recently demoed and discussed the latest new features in D4H Incident Management. Here's a look back at the updates they presented.

Sort Forms Alphabetically

You can now sort your form templates alphabetically in D4H Incident Management. This will prove particularly useful for your digital Incident Command System (ICS) forms which will now list in the correct order. These can be exported as a PDF for your Incident Action Plan (IAP).

Reorder Checkbox Field Options

We’ve made it much easier to reorder checkbox field options on your forms, status boards, and your situation report. This will save you time in the future and allow you to adapt your checkbox orders on the fly.

Sync the Incident Sitrep to Incident Reporting

You can now sync your Situation form with all the field information over to D4H Incident Reporting. When you archive or shut down an incident it will automatically create a draft report in D4H Incident Reporting. An Admin will need to set this up on your account, after that it will be the default for all users when closing an incident.

Addition of a Unique Identifier for Channel Refs

You can now set your D4H Incident Management account to automatically generate a unique incident reference number upon the creation of an incident. This might be particularly useful for a control room scenario where a radio notification is received and information needs to be recorded immediately before incident controllers have any details about the incident itself.

Filter Control Room Incidents by a Situation Field

When viewing control room incidents, you can now filter these down by a specific situation field. You’ll see your situation fields in the filter dropdown, these will be different in every organization’s account depending on what information you’re tracking in your situation form. You can even filter these incidents down further by selecting additional situation filters.

Set a Default Play in the Control Room

Usually, when you’re starting a new incident in the D4H Incident Management control room you have a selection of preplanned ‘Plays’ or scenarios to choose from as your incident template. You can now choose to skip this step by selecting a default play for all of your incidents, upon clicking ‘Start New’ you’ll be taken directly to your default incident ‘Play’. This time-saving feature was added for organizations that typically respond to the same type of incident repeatedly.

Of course, you can always override the default using the dropdown beside ‘Start New’ to choose from your entire selection of preplanned ‘Play’ scenarios.

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