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Game-changing data to re-evaluate operations.

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Access game-changing data to re-evaluate operations, make better decisions and evidence the true value of your organization.

"D4H gives us the data we need to make smarter decisions."

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"The reports developed are easy to generate and impressive."

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"D4H is a game-changer for record management."

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Never miss an opportunity to learn from your incidents.

View incident trends, back judgments, and prove budget requirements.

Reevaluation phase of emergency response
D4H Incident Reporting icon IconIncident Reporting

Over 40 exceptional features for valuable incident reporting and analytics.

Automatically generate insightful incident reports with charts, visualizations, and statistics. Access game-changing data to re-evaluate operations, make better decisions, and evidence the true value of your organization.

Make reporting simple.

Create a common reporting format to ensure that the same fields are being filled in every time. By creating common formats you may easily report and measure your incidents.

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Track incident locations and analyze trends.

Each incident can be added with a latitude-longitude, grid coordinates, or GIS reverse geo-coded address search. Drag and drop a pin on the map for simple entry of incident locations.

A cluster map of incidents in D4H

Understand the full costs of your activities.

Automatically track the cost of your incidents, training, and exercises as you complete reports. Monitor that you are staying in line with your budgets and plans.

Cost recovery from an incident response in D4H

Visualize patterns and trends.

Generate charts and maps for response re-evaluation optimization. Our charts and data allow you to always be prepared with the answers to questions regarding your team's performance.

Incident distribution charts in D4H


  • Incident Reports
  • Incident Timestamps
  • Incident Mapping
  • Analytics & Automatic Reports
  • Charts & Visuals
  • Cost Recovery & Billing
  • Lost Person Behavior by ISRID
  • Cluster Maps
  • Persons Involved
  • Automatic Weather Data
  • Automatic Reference Numbering
  • Printable PDF
  • Hazardous Materials Encountered

verifiedIncluded Extras

  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Collaboration
  • Address Book
  • Tags
  • Resources
  • Custom Reports
  • Charts
  • Keyword Search
  • API Access

admin_panel_settingsFor Administrators

  • Access Levels
  • Custom Fields
  • Localization
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Export Spreadhseets
  • Approval Status

account_treeMulti-Team Organizations

  • Common Reporting Forms
  • Global Incident Visualization

D4H rated #1 Easiest To Use Emergency Management Software on

It has often been said that if something can go wrong, someday it will. And if we haven't prepared for the possibility, the results can be devastating.

Vancouver CAN-TF1, D4H Case Study

This software is proving to be of enormous benefit to our members, officers, and Areas in the response to this pandemic.

Irish Red Cross, D4H Case Study

D4H is the most valuable tool my Hazmat team utilizes. The program answers every imaginable question you might have about your department.

Western Wayne County Hazmat, D4H Case Study

The first thing every crew member does when starting their shifts is to log into D4H to understand what is happening.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance, D4H Case Study

What we’re able to do with D4H is a revolution for our team. It’s like having an additional Team Director on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Southwest Hazmat Emergency Response Team, D4H Case Study

I love the fact that as long as we put the information in once, it’s always there and can potentially save us time in the future.

City of Glendale Hazmat, D4H Case Study

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Disaster Recovery

We use managed backup services with point-in-time recovery that automatically version data storage across multiple availability zones within your selected region.


Data Residency

You can select the residency of your data and locate it in a specific jurisdiction including the US, EU (GDPR Compliant), Australia, and Canada.


Data Ownership

You remain the owner and controller of your data at all times. This means you control who accesses your data and what they can do with it.

D4H Incident Reporting generally costs between USD $750 and USD $8,000 per annum. Request a quote.

Yes, all reports can be downloaded as a spreadsheet (.csv) or PDF.

A once-off 25% training and implementation fee applies to all professional pricing packages. With this, we will include an implementation manager to tailor the project milestones and timelines in accordance with your own project goals including weekly 1-1 calls.

Use reports to evidence the true value of your team.

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