Everything everywhere is not a good solution.

You must become more coordinated.

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It's time to build a more effective response to your emergencies.

Top of pyramid of effective response.
Pyramid of effective response.

Introducing D4H Technologies Logo

The future is a 10X increase in the effectiveness of your emergency response

D4H is building insanely great stuff. We are creating real & meaningful value for those involved in the response to an emergency. These technologies are designed to be frictionless with bespoke multi-level experiences from your emergency operations center to the field.

We create tangible human outcomes for people and businesses in the very worst moments of their lives.


Mobile Apps

D4H is available from any web browser or by using our iOS and Android mobile apps. Get access from anywhere.


Readiness phase of an emergency
Use this phase to prepare for an incident.

Qualification Tracking

D4H makes it easy to track certifications and paperwork with expectation management and automatic expiry alerts.

Member Profiles


Build out your response team member profiles with experience, awards, and history.

Equipment Inventory

Organize your equipment by category & kind. Resource typing definitions establish a common language across your organization.

Equipment Barcodes

D4H will generate a unique reference number for each item of your equipment. Add a barcode, QR code, or RFID tag and scan it with our app to quickly look up an item.

Maintenance & Repairs

D4H helps you create, assign, and track maintenance and repairs on your equipment.


Manage batch quantities of supplies and consumables.


Track your brands, models, weights, and dollar spend values.

Inspection Reminders

Create recurring inspection schedules to keep your equipment operational.

Common Operating Picture (COP)

Bring the reality of your incident to life and make faster decisions with sharable situation reports, GIS mapping, and real-time collaboration.


Response phase of an emergency
Coordinate a good response to your incident.



Create tasks & checklists for each of your roles to follow in an emergency situation.

Create Pre-Plans

Build out 'plays' in D4H to automate different checklists, documents, and responses to each situation.


Revaluation phase of an incident
Use this phase to build knowledge.


Build a picture of your incidents across time in D4H learning the patterns and trends that impact your training and budgets.

Searchable Database

All of your data will be searchable in D4H, allowing you to quickly lookup data and generate reports for funding applications.