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The evolution of D4H's technology has allowed Waldo to capture, store, and analyze incident response data in a structured way.

Waldo County EMA, D4H Case Study

D4H has considerably improved situational awareness within our EOC and it has also helped to achieve our objectives, by maintaining focus and tracking tasks better during operations.

Selwyn District Council, D4H Case Study

D4H allows KEMA to create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on incident resolutions.

Knoxville-Knox County EMA, D4H Case Study

We use D4H’s map layers to plot evacuation thresholds based on a wildfire’s potential rate of spread.

Borger OEM, D4H Case Study

D4H Incident Management provides an instant common operating picture throughout our county.

Lincoln County EMA, D4H Case Study

Even during a response, you can add new forms and data collection in D4H. As the incident forces you to adapt, you can also adapt the system just as quickly, it is very intuitive.

Animal Evac New Zealand, D4H Case Study