New Features: Bulk Costings, Mileage Exports, Collapsable Fields

New Features: Bulk Costings, Mileage Exports, Collapsable Fields

The following features have been added to D4H Personnel & Training, D4H Equipment Management, and D4H Incident Reporting.

Collapsable Fields

Custom field bundles are now collapsable across D4H, and we’ll remember your preferences between sessions. This means that if a section of a personal profile, equipment record, or activity detail does not important to you personally, you can hide it. To hide a section, click on the bundle title and it will just collapse.

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Health & Safety Report Attachments

You can now attach supporting information, images, and documents, to your health & safety reports. In the next release, we will be adding further permission restrictions to block these attachments from being viewed unless you have specific access to Health & Safety reports, even if you can see secured data.

2019 02 26 at 16.32

Last 3 Equipment Records

We have sped up the loading of equipment item pages by reducing displayed records down to only show the last three rows. You can click show more to see the full record history.

2019 02 26 at 16.36

Bulk Costings

You can now bulk set values for entire columns across the costings interface. Click the down arrow in the column header to bulk set the value.

2019 02 26 at 16.05

Mileage Exports

Each activity now has a ‘Costings’ spreadsheet which will allow you to export your mileage reports for each vehicle and person at the activity.

2019 02 26 at 16.41 2019 02 26 at 16.42

Self-Service Repairs Report

We’ve added a self-service report within Intelligence > Reports where you can define filters to your equipment repairs and export the data as spreadsheet or PDF.

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