The D4H Gathering 2022: Iceland

The D4H Gathering 2022: Iceland

At D4H, we have always been proud of our fully distributed team, but we also recognize the value of going the extra mile to connect with each other and our customers. The importance of building meaningful connections with our users and understanding their needs cannot be overstated. That's why each year, our entire company embarks on a journey to visit one of our customers in person.

Why We Hold an Annual Gathering

SAR Vehicle in Iceland

Our annual customer visit isn’t about strategizing or brainstorming; we’re confident in our abilities to do this remotely. Instead, our annual gathering is about gaining invaluable insights and strengthening the bond between our team and the people we serve. Here’s why we make this effort:

Seeing Through Our Customers’ Eyes

By spending time with our customers in their real-world environments, we gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and successes. It allows us to experience firsthand how D4H is an integral part of their operations. We know that the effectiveness of our solutions directly impacts the lives of those on the front lines of emergency response, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Iceland waterfall

Understanding Their Passion

Meeting our customers in person enables us to witness their 24/7 passion for what they do. We get to share their enthusiasm for their mission and appreciate the vital role D4H plays in supporting their work.

D4H team in Iceland

Building Trust and Relationships

Face-to-face interactions foster trust and strong relationships. Meeting our coworkers and our customers in person strengthens the rapport that we’ve built through virtual communication.

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Last Year’s Gathering

Last year, our team gathered from all over the world to the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland to visit Björgunarsveitin Suðurnes, an Icelandic search and rescue team that utilizes D4H to respond more effectively to volcanic eruptions, extreme weather, snow avalanches, and lost or injured hikers.

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Iceland’s stunning natural beauty provided the perfect backdrop for our team to connect not only with each other, but also with our customers on a personal level, learn about the challenges they face, and hear how they utilize D4H.

D4H team hiking in Iceland

It was inspiring and motivating to hear about the work of Björgunarsveitin Suðurnes, and about the impact D4H Team Manager makes to their team readiness. The team was incredibly generous with their time, and not only shared their insights about using D4H but also took us on an unforgettable adventure. We went on thrilling off-road journeys in their specialized SAR vehicles, hiked through stunning landscapes, and even visited a thermal spring.

SAR vehicle Iceland

How the Annual Gathering Benefits Our Customers

Our annual visit is not just about us; it’s about how it benefits our customers too:

Direct Feedback

Engaging in open, direct, in-person conversations with our users, helps us gain the best understanding of their needs and pain points. By staying connected to the needs and experiences of our users, we can design and refine our software to empower them in their critical missions.

Walking Iceland

Strengthened Partnership

We want our customers to know that we are genuinely invested in their success. This strengthens the partnership between us and our customers, and leads to strong, long-term relationships.

Marie D4H jumping across water

D4H’s annual customer visit is a big part of our commitment to truly understanding our customers and the work they do. It’s about sharing their passion, learning from their experiences, and appreciating the vital role D4H plays in their missions.


The 2023 D4H Gathering: British Virgin Islands

Later this year, we will gather as a company in the British Virgin Islands where we will visit another customer, the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR). We can’t wait to meet the team, and learn about their operations and experiences with D4H.

Yacht in British Virgin Islands (2)

The best place to stay tuned for updates from our next company gathering is to follow our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube).

Interested in hosting the 2024 D4H Gathering? Please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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