D4H Launches Health & Safety Reporting For Emergency Response Teams

D4H Launches Health & Safety Reporting For Emergency Response Teams

Not only is it important to comply with health and safety legislation, but tracking injuries, property damage, and near-misses in a meaningful manner can actually reduce incidents. We've built an incredibly simple health & safety reporting product into D4H Personnel & Training that helps you prevent a serious accident.

The Health & Safety officer within your organization must ensure the safety, health, and welfare of your entire membership. This is typically done in a private file or logbook, rarely analyzed for patterns and trends, and is time-consuming. Certainly, it is rare for an entire organization to understand with a real-time picture of what is threatening their safety, how frequently, and how seriously.

‘Health & Safety Reports’ are now built-in to D4H Personnel & Training and enhance your ability to record incidents, accidents, and near-misses to people and property.

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Permissioned users can now create records linked directly to the activity the health & safety issue occurred on. Health & Safety records can have tasks associated with them to track corrective measures and actions agreed. Activities will show any health & safety issues related to them.

Health & Safety reports can also be used to determine what type of activities are causing injuries or are likely to cause injuries.

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The benefits of using D4H ‘Health & Safety Reports’

  • Track health & safety incidents to understand what type of activities are causing injuries or are likely to cause injuries.
  • Improve the safety of all your response personnel.
  • Get a real-time organization-wide view across multiple teams as to what the risks are.
  • Document a chain of actions to show preventive measures were decided on and tracked to completion.
  • Comply with your local legislation.
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