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Stay ahead of response team training with easy qualification tracking

Make the administration of response team qualifications and training records easy. Customizable proactive email alerts will keep both training officers and individuals with expiring qualifications in the loop, ensuring that everyone stays on top of their training requirements. You can even set required and preferred expectations based on group membership to easily identify training needs and prioritize training efforts. With D4H, you'll never have to worry about missing an important training deadline or certification expiration again. Simplify your training management process and ensure your response team members are always prepared and ready for their next tasking.

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"Keeping track of qualifications with expiration dates was always a challenge, but with D4H it's so easy to see the status of the team at any point."

— Dan D rated 4.5 stars on
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"We're keeping track of our members qualification expirations in a much more efficient way with D4H."

— Lori H rated 5 stars on
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"One of the most important features that has really helped our team is the ability to track qualifications - spreadsheets were a nightmare."

— Vernon N rated 4.5 stars on
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Tech Specs

  • Simple UI
  • Set proactive email alerts
  • View qualifications at member & team level
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the qualification tracker help with response team compliance?

By keeping track of expiration dates and required training, the feature helps ensure that your organization remains compliant with industry regulations and standards.

How does the qualification tracker reduce my response team's administrative burden?

D4H’s qualification tracker streamlines the process of managing response team training and members’ qualification records, reducing the burden of manual tracking and record-keeping.

What response team qualifications can you track?

You can track any response team qualifications. D4H’s qualification tracker is fully customizable to your team’s specific needs.

How can I receive qualification expiry notifications?

With D4H, you can receive qualification expiry notifications by email and on your D4H dashboard.

How does the qualification tracker save time and response resources?

With automated tracking and proactive notifications, this feature saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual tracking and follow-up.

Can you bulk qualify response team members?

Yes! It’s easy to qualify members in bulk via spreadsheet upload.

Can I store certificates with member qualifications?

Yes, you can easily attach certificates to member qualifications. Here’s how.

Is it easy to add response team qualifications?

Yes, here’s an article that shows how easy it is to add a new qualification in D4H Personnel & Training.

Can I set qualification expectations for response team groups?

Yes, you can set qualification expectations for response team groups. Here’s more information on how you set it up in D4H.

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