emailWeekly Briefing

Ensure response team personnel never miss a beat with automatic weekly briefing emails

Each week on a day and time of their choice, we’ll automatically notify your response personnel by email about the upcoming tasks, equipment alerts, activities, or on-call periods they are expected to attend over the next 7 days. They can easily confirm any unconfirmed attendance requests directly from the email - making the process quick and hassle-free.

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"D4H provides an easy means to get infoformation out to all of our team members."

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"I really like how much easier our administrative task are now that we are using D4H."

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"D4H is absolutely the best system to use to support your members."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a weekly briefing for my response team?

It’s easy to schedule a weekly briefing for your response team personnel. Simply go to the user icon in D4H, click on team settings, select email notifications, and check which members of personnel you’d like to receive the weekly briefing emails.

How does the confirmation process work?

Members of your response team will receive an email notification with all the relevant details for the upcoming week. From there, they can easily confirm their attendance for any unconfirmed activities or tasks by simply clicking a link in the email. This makes it quick and easy for team members to confirm their availability.

Are the weekly briefing emails compatible with every email provider?

Yes, the weekly briefing emails can go to any valid email address.

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